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Digital Roadmap

Let’s face it, digitalisation is never an easy task. Despite all the jargon and fancy words, when come to IT project implementation, cost and time are always the major concern.

When you already have something in mind and feel digitalisation can do more for your business, why don’t take a step back and plan together with us?

Below are the resources we prepare for your digitalisation journey.



Taking your digitalisation journey with a Breeze. We will work as a team, to plan out the digital roadmap for your organisation. No fancy words or ideas, only pragmatism.



Swif is a Software-as-a-Service solution for your field service need. It apply to traditional field service industry such as handyman, cleaning service, or professional field service engineer.

LowCode 101


You have an IT team, but lack of developers. Why don’t just focus on Business Process instead. At LowCode 101, we don’t sell anything here, we just share the knowledge on how Low Code can help.


{{Work in progress}}


So you have an IT team, with a team of hard core programmers like us, do look at what we have to offer for some ready-made scripts, so you can spend more time with video game.